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Projects for Lua

Lua Sandbox library
Big numbers and Big Rationals library
Packaging Lua libraries

Projects for OCaml


Projects for C

F3 - Fight Flash Fraud


Linux and DragonFly BSD: Limit process tree depth (fork depth)
Cyrus Sieve: Using the user email as the MAIL FROM envelope address


Ethernet saves the day again
A model to VoIP market
Testing software is so important that we must do it less

Mirrors we host


Donations to the Internet Community

We are an Internet company happy with the Internet community. We use many products and services run by the Internet community, and we think that monthly donating to open projects is a good way to nurture our community to grow and prosper.

The picking criteria are that (1) we have to know the service or product, (2) use it, (3) be satisfied with its quality, and (4) it must be free.

If you want to participate, donate directly to one of the listed projects below. If you'd like to help our projects, contract one of the services offered by HostNet.

Beginning in October, 2007, Digirati started to delivery two one-hundred-dollar donations a month!

Beginning in December, 2008, We will add a link to the page where one can make a donation to the listed projects when it is not linked on the first page of the website of the project. We hope it will help those who also want to donate to the projects we already support.

Beginning in December, 2010, Digirati started to delivery three one-hundred-dollar donations a month!

Beginning in September, 2011, entities that have two or more significant products will receive US$200. Since some entities already received their donations this year, we'll donate again to them.

Delivered donations:


Below is a list of papers published with the participation of people working at Digirati.